so much for my happy ending

If I really press myself, I can remember. The warning signs were there. No neon signs, mind you, just little sparks at the end of a very long string. Funny that I could have been blind enough not to realize that the string was a lighted fuse.

When her boyfriend of three months, Tad Showers, proposes, twenty-six-year-old April thinks that everything in her life is finally falling into place. Between her flaky, tree-hugging mother and her she-devil boss, marriage seems like the place she’ll find love and security. Tad’s exactly the kind of man April wants: smart, ambitious and wildly romantic.

But soon after they’re married, the honeymoon ends. Tad’s crazy, extravagant gestures are starting to look less romantic and more…well, just plain crazy. Is it normal for her husband to never mention his family, rack up secret credit card debt and get less sleep than your average insomniac? Are you still supposed to stand by your man, even if it turns out he isn’t who you thought he was? When she promised “for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health,” this isn’t what she pictured. But sometimes you don’t get the life you imagined. And sometimes you have to figure out how to write your own happy ending.

“Davis’ tragicomic tale is both entertaining and horrifying at once. Told in the first person, it’s a harrowing account of marriage to a man with bipolar disorder. Still, it’s hopeful and even wildly funny at times.”
–Romantic Times

“Don’t miss this book. It is a gem”
The Romance Readers Connection
“Davis crafts an engaging, humorous voice for April…light-hearted romance and keen domestic suspense”
–Publisher’s Weekly
“Davis’ engaging departure from her usual focus is a unique entry in the chick-lit genre and should appeal to those looking to move beyond typical fare.”
So Much For My Happy Ending

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