Popping My Romance Convention Cherry

It’s been an eventful couple of years. In 2013 I hit the NYT bestsellers list for the first time…and then did it twice more in that same year (woo-hoo!),  then moved to a new place and reunited and got engaged to the love of my life. In 2014 I released book 1 & 2 of The Pure Sin series, got married to the love of my life and moved again! And now? Well, I have an eshort and book coming out this summer (both part of the JUST ONE NIGHT series) and I’m going to my very first romance conventions! Starting with…

11146102_412237038954717_3858217776743734983_nThis takes place on May 30th at The Crowne Plaza in NYC!!! Tickets are only $10 and proceeds go to Avon’s Walk For Breast Cancer. There will be a signing, a meet & greet, shenanigans, the works! I’ve never been to a romance conference/convention before so I’ll probably be a little lost. Therefore I really need my readers to stop by to ease me through this! You can get tickets here and be sure to check out their Facebook page.  First people who come to my table get cookies, so don’t be late 😛

Can’t make it to New York? Then join me in Kasie and Mr. Dade’s old stomping grounds, Vegas


I’m going to be there from 17th-19th of July for some proper sinning. I’m bringing my husband along, filmmaker Rod Lurie, to assist. Maybe he’ll get inspired and come up with a romance-convention reality show or something…but not filmed in Vegas because what happens in Vegas…well. Be sure to visit the LOVE N VEGAS website to get more information about all the different parties and signing events and how to get tickets as well as get a sneak peek at the very pretty male models who will be there too. You can also check out their Facebook page and of course I have a little more info about both events on my event page.

Hope to see you soon!!

September 29, 2014