Robert’s Valentine to Kasie (JUST ONE NIGHT)


Dear Kasie,

It’s Valentine’s Day. It seems fitting that you and I should celebrate a holiday marked by saints and sinners, violence and love. And you know I would never give you anything as mundane as a Hallmark card or a heart shaped box of chocolates. You and I will never be confined by convention.

The moment I laid eyes on you I saw everything you had been trying to hide; the strength, the fierce intellect, the thinly suppressed ambition and a thirst for the forbidden…a thirst for me. I didn’t just want to make you my girlfriend. What I needed was to make you my Queen. I wanted the two of us to rule the world of industry and finance. I wanted us to pull the strings of all the would-be power players and dominate every enterprise we touched. Those people who surrounded you back then, the ones who attempted to hold you back and force you to submit to their demeaning expectations, they disgust me. Crushing them was a pleasure.

And yet, while in my pursuit of you, it never occurred to me how astonishing and overwhelmingly wonderful it would be to have you. I don’t think I understood the beauty of tenderness before you slipped your hand into mine. The first time I ever felt peace was the day I first heard your laugh. And when you lie beneath me, your legs wrapped around my hips, your shallow breaths tickling my ear as you lose your last vestige of control, I don’t just feel heat, I feel the warmth.

I feel love.

I know there have been times when I have pushed you too far. I know I have gone to extremes in my efforts to protect you from those who mean you harm. You tell me you can fight your own battles but Kasie, that’s as misguided as my ill-conceived attempts to fight them for you. From this moment on we will fight together. Together we are a force too strong for defeat. Together we can enhance one another’s strengths and explore the sensuality of our own hidden vulnerabilities.

You are my Valentine, my Queen. Above all, you are my love.

One day soon, you will be my wife.

–Robert Dade

March 22, 2016