What I’m Reading: Miracle Creek by Angie Kim

Angie Kim understands pain. The pain of feeling disconnected, abandoned, disrespected, unseen, unloved. And the pain of losing the kind of life you once imagined for yourself. And she knows that people express those feelings differently and in doing so can be misread. Someone who is feeling isolated might come across as aloof. Someone who is overwhelmed by sadness might be taken as cold. Someone who is anxious might be seen as aggressive.

And Kim knows that when we misread people’s emotions, we tend to misread their intentions, their motives. We think they are capable of things that they might not be capable of.

We might even think they’re capable of murder.

Miracle Creek is an involving, heart wrenching mystery with characters that are as complex as the many plot twists that will keep you guessing. Explored within its pages are the struggles of being a parent of a special needs child, of being an immigrant in an unfamiliar culture, of wanting your family and your relationships to be different from what they are. And while you get to know Kim’s characters you will feel for them even as you ask yourself if the person you’re sympathizing with is a killer.

Definitely a great book for all fans of family dramas and mysteries.