What I’m Reading: The Night Visitors by Carol Goodman

So last Friday I was in the middle of moving from one house to another and I’m afraid I missed posting a book review. But I’m back and while still in the midst of moving chaos and seeing Delta cases surging all over the place, I thought it might be nice to review a little bit of escapism: The Night Visitors by Carol Goodman.

This is a fantastic read for all my Sophie fans. It has mystery, murder, humor, bad guys you love to hate, imperfect, spunky heroines you love to root for, more twists and turns than you can count and a dose of supernatural intrigue to keep your spine tingling.

The story revolves around Alice who is escaping an abusive ex with her boy, Oren and Mattie, the social worker who takes on the frequently thankless and always dangerous task of helping them. Oren is a fascinating individual too. He clearly knows things that he should have no way of knowing and bears an unsettling resemblance (in both appearance and proclivities) to Mattie’s long dead brother. He’s sweet but definitely a little spooky.

Goodman is exceptionally good at weaving scenic descriptions into her narrative without disrupting or slowing down her pacing. The house that Mattie lives in and the town for that matter, are practically characters in the book, compelling ones at that.

This isn’t a novel that’s designed to change your world view. Rather it serves to give you a break from your world. It’s suspenseful, it’s heartwarming, at turns poignant and it’s always, always fun.

Right now, I think those are things we all need.