Hey There, 2017!

Well it’s a new year and, as is my habit, I’ve rejected the idea of taking on a New Year’s resolution in favor of something a little different.  Every year I choose a word that I will periodically mediate on in regards to how it applies to my life, whatever it is I’m doing at that particular month, week or moment and use it to help me focus in my over-arching objective. In the past I’ve chosen words like Progress, Faith, Discipline and so on.

This year I’m choosing two words: Rebirth and Accomplish.

13124588_10154093530158917_7619544837694401199_nThis will be the year of the Rebirth of the Sophie series. I will be re-releasing a revamped version of VANITY, VENGEANCE AND A WEEKEND IN VEGAS for a temporary, heavily discounted price and I’ll quickly follow that with the release of the brand new Sophie book, CHAOS, DESIRE & A KICK-ASS CUPCAKE. Also, in addition to writing a Hollywood themed romance novel, I will make 2017 the rebirth of all my characters by putting out an anthology of holiday short-stories, one for each protagonist I’ve created in the past. That’s Sophie for the Sophie series, April from SO MUCH FOR MY HAPPY ENDING, Kasie from JUST ONE NIGHT, Bell from the PURE SIN SERIES and Mercy from JUST ONE LIE. Expect at least one of those characters to get engaged in those stories as well (and no, I will not give a hint in regards to who that person will be).

On a personal level, my son will be graduating high school this year and it seems as if my husband will be launching a new TV series, MONSTERS OF GOD (pictured below), for the first time in years, so those will be kinds of Rebirths too. It’s all a little overwhelming and extremely exciting. 15356612_10154799432324591_6446710015021825830_n

As for Accomplish…

I don’t want this to be a year focused primarily on planning or working up the courage or discipline to do something.This year isn’t about “the process.” It’s about shit done, period.  I’ve created a very ambitious writing/release schedule for the year, particularly when you take into account I’m co-writing a screenplay this year as well.  But while it will be hard, it’s also 100% doable, and so I’m simply going to do it.  Accomplish

If this year goes well, maybe next year’s word can be kick-ass.